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The book contains 23 pages, front and back (including title pages) plus a curriculum page you can download and/or print from here to help guide the teacher or parent through the daily use of the booklet to implement the method successfully.

A schedule of daily practice would look like this:

Weeks 1-2 Monday Use the Introductory PowerPoint to introduce the Two Timers.
Tuesday-Friday Use the booklet to practice the Two Timers.
Weeks 3-4 Monday Practice the Two Timers and introduce the Fisherman Threes.
Tuesday-Friday Use the booklet to practice the Two Timers and Fisherman Threes.
Weeks 5-6 Monday Practice the Two Timers, the Fisherman Threes, and introduce the Fighter Fours.
Tuesday-Friday Use the booklet to practice all three groups of facts.
Weeks 7-8 Monday Practice the Two Timers through the Fighter Fours. Introduce the Marching Fives with the PowerPoint.
Tuesday-Friday Practice all four groups of facts with the booklet.
Weeks 9-10 Monday Continue to use the PowerPoint to practice the Two Timers through the Marching Fives. Introduce the Jazzy Sixes.
Tuesday-Friday Practice all five groups of facts.
Weeks 11-12 Monday Practice the Two Timers through the Jazzy Sixes. Introduce the Encore Sevens.
Tuesday-Friday Practice the Two Timers through the Encore Sevens using the booklet.
Weeks 13-14 Monday Use the PowerPoint to practice through the Encore Sevens. Introduce the Waving Eights.
Tuesday-Friday Practice the Two Timers through the Waving Eights daily with the booklet.
Weeks 15-16 Monday Practice the facts through the Waving Eights with the PowerPoint. Introduce the Barbell Nines.
Tuesday-Friday Using the booklet, practice all facts through the nines. (Timed tests through the nines can be used after practicing through the nines).
Weeks 17-18 Monday Reinforce the facts through the nines with the PowerPoint and introduce the Jump Rope Tens, Stretching Elevens and Echo Twelves.
Tuesday-Friday With the booklet, practice through the Echo Twelves.
Weeks 19-36 Monday-Friday Practice the entire booklet.

Finally, the first semester has been completed and you can begin the Fluency Powerpoint. By mid-January, timed tests can begin. Results should be seen within the first two weeks of daily practice of the Handy Helpers followed by a timed test. The key is never to stop practicing the facts using the Multiplication Handy Helper Booklet. Even when you know they already know it, the students still love to go through the entire booklet. And, you can even speed up the practice to what I call "brain speed" to bring the facts to the fluent level of automaticity. For fun, you also have a third PowerPoint, "Fly through the Facts" that gives the basic facts (not the flip facts) to practice. If they know three 4's are twelve, then they'll know four 3's are twelve. I always practiced the flash cards with the small factor first because they get to the answer faster and when presented with the flip fact on the timed test, they already know the answer! I also asked my parents to practice only the flash cards with the small factor first.

I know you will have success with my Handy Helper Booklet. You, the teacher, become the facilitator while the students willingly learn the multiplication facts. And that just makes your job easier! Have fun!