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The Multiplication Handy Helper Booklet is a multi-sensory classroom approach that develops and maintains complete multiplication fact fluency while simultaneously providing a solid foundation for division fact fluency. And, it's fun.

A positive "learning the facts" attitude is established because multiplication with movement, rhythm, and rhyme is fun and engaging for everyone.

Our method replaces age old flash card practice, songs, rap and worksheet memorization methods and adds an interesting interactive activity to everyday learning.

Two power points supplement the booklet, the first one visually reinforcing the method initially, and the next one encouraging speed of recitation for mastery and automatic recall on timed tests.

The author and creator of the Multiplication Handy Helper Booklet, Mary Edwards, has been teaching in the public school system for over 25 years. Her first hand experience with teaching math to elementary students has given her a special insight into how to help children not only learn their multiplication times tables but to master multiplication to the fluent level.

Mary, and numerous other teachers, have used and continue to use this method with tremendous success.